Buy prepaid sim card South Africa. Mobile calling and internet in South Africa.

Available as eSIM and normal SIM!


10GB data  € 59,00

Unlimited data  € 89,00

(Available as sim and eSIM)

Mobile coverage in South Africa with SIM Card South Africa

With our data-only prepaid SIM cards South Africa you can use mobile internet throughout South Africa. You can choose between a 10GB and an Unlimited data bundle. These bundles are very suitable for internet use and give you easy access to Email, Whatsapp, navigation and other internet applications. Airport Telecom Schiphol offers normal SIM Card and eSIM Card bundles for South Africa.

Because they are data SIM cards, the prepaid SIM does not include a telephone number. The bundles offer data only. All conversations that run via the internet such as with Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, etc. are of course possible. After all, you then use the data bundle on the SIM card. You can always continue to use WhatsApp with your own number. With Whatsapp you can therefore continue to send messages and call as you are used to.

You can pick up the prepaid SIM card South Africa upon departure from Schiphol at our Airport Telecom shop in Schiphol Plaza. The SIM card can also be delivered to your home free of charge in the Netherlands & Belgium. If you order on working days before 2 p.m., you will receive the card the next working day. We will send the normal SIM cards by post and you will receive the eSIM cards from us by email.

Prepaid sim and eSIM South Africa, Specifications

Benefits sim card South Africa

  • The South Africa SIM card is available as a normal SIM card and as an eSIM
  • The normal sim is available in all sizes (mini, micro and nano) and will fit any phone.
  • The eSIM can only be used in phones that are suitable for it, such as iPhone XS, XS Max, XR and all iPhone 11, 12 and 13 models. Check this carefully before you choose the eSIM.
  • The advantage of the eSIM variant is that you can run your data traffic in South Africa via the prepaid data bundle, while being able to receive calls on own mobile phone number.
  • The sim and eSIM South Africa are not suitable for hotspot and MIFI.

Data & calls in South Africa

  • There are three variants of the South Africa sim and eSIM:
  • 10GB data Euro 59,=
  • Unlimited data Euro 89,=
  • Data bundles are valid for 30 days after activation.
  • Use the “order now” buttons on this page to order the different data variants. You can also opt for the normal SIM card or the eSIM.

Pick up or delivery

Pick up at Schiphol or Rotterdam Airport
When you depart from Schiphol, you can get the SIM Card South Africa at our Airport Telecom shop in Schiphol Plaza. If desired, you can also pick the card up at our location at Rotterdam Airport. Make a reservation via the "Order now" button on this page.

Free home delivery
Would you like delivery of the SIM Card South Africa to your address in the Netherlands or Belgium? Then click on "Order now" and then choose free delivery. If you order on working days before 2 p.m., you will receive the card the next working day.