Buy prepaid sim card Puerto Rico. Mobile calling and internet in Puerto Rico

Receive phone number in advance!

Mobile coverage in Puerto Rico with SIM Card Puerto Rico

With an Airport Telecom prepaid SIM card Puerto Rico you can be reached on one telephone number throughout Puerto Rico. In addition, you have 12GB of data. This card is therefore very suitable for internet use. Note, however, that you can receive incoming phone calls with this card, but you cannot make normal outgoing phone calls.

All conversations that run via the internet such as with Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime, etc. are possible. For this you can use the 12GB data on the SIM card. You can also continue to use Whatsapp with your own phone number. With Whatsapp you can therefore continue to send messages and call as you are used to.

We can send you by email the telephone number of the prepaid SIM card on which you will be reachable in Puerto Rico. This is an English (+44) number. We have chosen this because the SIM card in question offers a very good data bundle in Puerto Rico and uses the largest Puerto Rican mobile networks. In addition, this SIM card does not require user registration in Puerto Rico.

You can pick up the prepaid SIM card Puerto Rico on departure from Schiphol at our Airport Telecom shop in Schiphol Plaza. The SIM card can also be delivered to your home free of charge in the Netherlands & Belgium. If you order on working days before 2 p.m., you will receive the card the next working day.

Prepaid SIM Card Puerto Rico 12GB


Benefits sim card Puerto Rico

  • Available throughout Puerto Rico on one number.
  • 12GB of data for internet use throughout Puerto Rico.
  • The SIM card Puerto Rico is available in all sizes (mini, micro and nano).
  • The SIM Puerto Rico works in any iPhone and other smart phone. Only the hotspot function and the use of a MIFI by the provider are not supported in Puerto Rico.
  • You will receive the phone number of your  Puerto Rico SIM card by email before departure.

Data & calls in Puerto Rico

  • The price of € 36.00 includes 12GB data.
  • The SIM is valid for 30 days after activation. Activation is done by inserting the SIM card in your phone and turning on the phone.

Pick up or delivery

Pick up at Schiphol or Rotterdam Airport
When you depart from Schiphol, you can get the SIM Card Puerto Rico at our Airport Telecom shop in Schiphol Plaza. If desired, you can also pick the card up at our location at Rotterdam Airport. Make a reservation via the "Order now" button on this page.

Free home delivery
Would you like delivery of the SIM Card Puerto Rico to your address in the Netherlands or Belgium? Then click on "Order now" and then choose free delivery. If you order on working days before 2 p.m., you will receive the card the next working day.