Which SIM for the Netherlands and for Amsterdam is the best? Dutch SIM

Which SIM for the Netherlands and for Amsterdam is the best? Dutch SIM

Low cost for calls and data on your trip to Holland with a Dutch prepaid SIM card

A prepaid SIM card for Holland provides a great solution when using your smart phone in the Netherlands. Inserted in your phone, it grants you access to the network of a Dutch provider, and it makes it possible to use your phone at low local rates for internet connection for WhatsApp, navigation, Face Time and so on. It also gives you unlimited calls within the Netherlands or internationally, and all your incoming calls are free of charge.


Which SIM card for Holland to choose?

For travelers staying in Amsterdam as well as for those travelling around in the Netherlands, we offer prepaid 10GB Dutch SIM cards and prepaid 35 GB SIM cards. Which one is the best for you?  Making your choice, take into consideration your trip plans and how much data you will be using during your stay in Holland.


10GB Dutch SIM card

If you come to the Netherlands for a short period of time or if you know that most of the time during your trip you will spend in places like hotels and restaurants, where you get free access to WIFI, then 10GB SIM card for the Netherlands can be a good choice for you. The 10GB of data that this Dutch SIM provides will probably be sufficient for all situations where you do not have access to WIFI. 10GB Dutch SIM grants you unlimited calls within the Netherlands and all incoming local and international calls free of charge. Keep in mind that although you will not be able to make regular international calls using this SIM, you can always call internationally via WhatsApp, Face Time, or Skype.


35GB Dutch SIM card

If your stay in Holland will be longer or if you are planning sightseeing and travelling around and if during your trip you will spend time in places with no access to WIFI, then you will probably need more data. Our 35GB SIM card for the Netherlands will certainly provide you with it. 35GM bundle of data on this Dutch SIM gives you the advantage of 30 days carefree using of WhatsApp, email, Face Time, or navigation at low cost. A great benefit of 35GB Dutch SIM is that when you use it in Holland all incoming local and international calls are free of charge, and you get the advantage of unlimited free calls to 45 countries within Europe and outside of it.

Making a choice of a 10GB Dutch SIM or a 35GB Dutch SIM, you will know exactly what your maximum costs for using data will be and you can freely use your cell phone while traveling in the Netherlands. You will avoid unexpected high bills afterword, as the price of a Dutch SIM is much lower than the costs for data and calls with roaming charges that you would have to pay to your provider without using them.


What else is good to know about a Dutch SIM card?

Dutch SIM cards offered at Airport Telecom are available in all sizes: mini, micro and nano. They are valid 30 days after the activation and you can top them up with a top up voucher, which you can buy at petrol stations, bookshops, and supermarkets.

A great benefit of SIM cards for the Netherlands is that they can be used as a hot spot and in MIFI devices. Instructions how to set up a hot spot in your cell phone can be found in the article Using a Dutch SIM card as a hot spot.

As mentioned before, a Ducht SIM installed in your cell phone gives you also a new Dutch number, to check it, dial *102#


Can I use a Dutch SIM card in other European countries?

A 35GB Dutch SIM card allows you to utilize 20GB for travel in Europe. However, when you use it outside of the Netherlands, it does not allow you to make regular international calls, which is its big advantage when used in Holland. With 10GB SIM card for the Netherlands 7.5GB can be utilized abroad.

If you want to visit more countries on your trip to Europe, a SIM card Europe can be a better solution for you, as it provides more benefits for using your cell phone when travelling around. If you want to know more about it, please check our article Which SIM for Europe is the best?


A SIM card for the Netherlands easy to get at the Amsterdam Airport

You can buy your Dutch SIM upon your arrival in Amsterdam, at the Airport Telecom shop located in Arrival Hal 1& 2. Show location on map. Our shop is very easy to find, which can save you a lot of time searching for a Dutch SIM card at the beginning of your trip and gives you the advantage of using all its benefits as soon as you arrive in Holland.

In case you have any questions about using a prepaid SIM card for Holland, feel free to contact us by phone on +31 (0)20 6530999 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.