How can I use Canadian cell phone at low cost in the Netherlands?

How can I use Canadian cell phone at low cost in the Netherlands?

Does my Canadian cell phone work in Holland?

Canadian cell phones work in the Netherlands. It can happen however, that a cell phone has a sim lock. If your phone has such a lock, contact a mobile network provider from where you have bought your cell phone and instruct to remove a sim lock, since you will be traveling internationally. Only without a sim lock on your phone, you will be able to use local European SIM cards for inexpensive calls and data during your trip.


What is the cheapest way to use a Canadian cell phone in Europe and in the Netherlands?

When you use a mobile phone with a Canadian subscription in another continent, like for instance Europe, you must pay roaming charges for your data and calls. Roaming charges are extra fees that consumers pay when they leave the coverage area of their provider and use the network of another provider. Because of the roaming charges, it can be very expensive to use your Canadian mobile phone in Europe and in the Netherlands. The best way to avoid high costs is to use prepaid SIM cards for Holland and for Europe.


Why to use a SIM card for the Netherlands in Canadian smart phone?

Installed in your Canadian cell phone, a prepaid SIM grands you access to the network of a local provider, so you can make phone calls and use any app or feature on your phone that uses data like WhatsApp, email, Face Time, navigation at attractive local rates. The incoming calls are free of charge and in case of our bestseller, a prepaid 35GB Dutch SIM, you have the benefit of unlimited free international calls.


Which Dutch SIM is the best to use in my Canadian smart phone

If you are planning to stay only in Amsterdam or the Netherlands, you can buy a prepaid SIM card for the Netherlands. To learn more about the options of Dutch SIMs, please check our article: Which SIM for the Netherlands and for Amsterdam is the best? Dutch SIM

If you are going to visit more European countries, a great choice for you could be a prepaid SIM card for Europe. Our article Which SIM for Europe is the best? will provide you with all the information you need to know about this SIM solution.


Coming from Canada to the Netherlands where can I buy a Dutch SIM card?

Arriving from Canada at Amsterdam Airport, you can buy prepaid SIM cards for the Netherlands or prepaid SIM for Europe at the Airport Telecom shop, located in the Arrival Hall 1&2, Show location on map. You can also order SIM cards at the Airport Telecom website and receive your reserved phone number by email before you start your trip to Europe.


Do I need an adapter to charge a Canadian cell phone in the Netherlands?

To be able to charge your Canadian phone as well as to use any electronic equipment in the Netherlands you need a travel adapter. You can easily buy one when you arrive at the Airport of Amsterdam in the Airport Telecom shop, which is located in the Arrival Hall 1&2, show location on map.

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Have a nice stay in Holland!