FAQ How to use my mobile phone in the Netherlands?

FAQ How to use my mobile phone in the Netherlands?

Does my mobile phone work in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands the GSM network is used for mobile communication. Cell phones of travelers from the USA, Canada, Asia, South America and other overseas places will work there. Important issue to keep in mind however are roaming charges, that you will have to pay using a cell phone with a subscription from your home country in Holland.

Because of the roaming charges your calls and data can get expensive. The easiest way to avoid roaming charges is to use your phone in the Netherlands with a prepaid SIM card for Holland.


Can I use a prepaid SIM card for Holland when my US cell phone has a sim lock?

You can use prepaid local Sim cards for the Netherlands or for Europe, only when there is no sim lock on your American smart phone. Therefore, before you buy a Dutch SIM, check if this is not a case with your phone. If your phone has a sim lock, contact your provider and ask to remove it.

Sometimes it will not be possible to remove a sim lock from your phone. The best solution in this case is to buy a new cheap phone upon your arrival in Amsterdam and use it with a prepaid SIM card for Holland during your stay. In most cases the price for this solution will still be lower than the cost of roaming charges, that you would have to pay when using you phone with US subscription in Holland. Arriving in Amsterdam you can easily find the shop of Airport Telecom, show location on map, which offers a broad collection of sim lock free phones at very affordable prices.


Do I need to register my cell phone in the Netherlands?

Coming to the Netherlands with your mobile phone you do not need to register it. You can easily use it almost everywhere in Holland, as the coverage is very good throughout the whole country. To avoid high charges during your trip, you can buy a Dutch prepaid SIM card for calls and data.


What is the cheapest way to use a cell phone from the USA, Canada, South America or Asia in the Netherlands?

Using your own mobile phone data plan can get very expensive when traveling internationally. When you travel to another continent, like for instance Europe and use a smart phone with a subscription from your home country there, you must pay roaming charges to your provider for calls and data. The easiest way to avoid high costs when traveling to Europe is to buy a local prepaid SIM card for Europe. This card can be a great solution when you are going to visit many European countries, as it gives you one phone number when you travel around. If you stay only in the Netherlands or in Amsterdam, you can use a prepaid Dutch SIM card. With prepaid local SIMs you will enjoy very attractive local rates while making phone calls and using mobile data.


What are data roaming charges and how to avoid them?

Roaming charges are extra fees that consumers pay when they leave the coverage area of their provider and use the network of another provider. Because of the roaming charges, when you travel to overseas destinations such as Europe, and use your cell phone there, your data and call charges can be very high. Common tasks such as checking your email, browsing the internet and using apps get expensive. The best way to avoid roaming charges when traveling to Europe and to the Netherlands is to use local prepaid SIM cards for Europe or for Holland.


How to use a cell phone in the Netherlands at low cost?

The best way to use your cell phone at low cost when traveling to the Netherlands is to buy a Dutch prepaid SIM card. A local SIM grands your access to the network of the local providers and enables you to use your mobile phone at attractive local data rates for calls and internet.


How do prepaid SIM cards for Holland work?

Installed in your cell phone a prepaid Dutch SIM card grants you access to the network of a Dutch provider. With this access you can make and receive phone calls and use any app or feature on your phone that uses data, like WhatsApp, email, Face Time, or navigation at attractive local rates. It is the cheapest whey to use your cell phone on your trip to the Netherlands, as SIM cards will always come at very attractive price ranges in comparison to what you would have to pay for data roaming when you do not use them. Keep in mind however, that with a Dutch SIM card you will also receive a new Dutch phone number. Make sure to share it with the people you want to contact while you are in the Netherlands.


Do I pay for incoming calls when I use a Dutch sim card?

Incoming calls are free of charge when you use a prepaid Dutch SIM card installed in your cell phone.


Do I have to pay for outgoing calls when I use a prepaid Dutch SIM?

Using the 10BG SIM for Holland in your cell phone, you can make unlimited regular free calls within the Netherlands, to call abroad you can use Skype, WhatsApp, or Face Time.

Our bestseller, the 35GB SIM card for the Netherlands gives you the benefit of unlimited regular local and international calls free of charge.


Where can I buy prepaid sim cards in the Netherlands?

Arriving at Amsterdam Airport you can buy Dutch SIM cards, as well as SIM cards for Europe at the Airport Telecom shop, which is conveniently located in the Arrival Hall 1 & 2, show location on map. Free delivery of SIM cards to any address in the Netherlands is possible too.


Can I order a SIM card for Holland or for Europe and receive a reserved phone number by email?

You can order a prepaid SIM for Europe or a SIM for the Netherlands at the Airport Telecom website, and receive a reserved phone number by email before starting your trip.


How to install a prepaid Dutch sim card in my cell Phone?

When you buy a prepaid Dutch SIM. in the Airport Telecom shop, our English-speaking staff will install it for you and give you all the information you need to use your phone in the Netherlands and in Europe. In case of questions, you can reach the Airport Telecom store at Amsterdam Airport by calling +31 20 6530999 or contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What options of prepaid SIM cards are available?

Airport Telecom offers local prepaid SIM cards for the Netherlands and SIMs for the whole of Europe. For both regions we offer SIM bundles with different amounts of call credit and data. Your choice of a SIM card will depend on how much data you need and the plans for your trip – are you going to stay in the Netherlands or will you travel around to many European countries.


Which prepaid local SIM card do i need when i stay in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands?

For travelers visiting Amsterdam or staying in Holland, we offer local prepaid 10GB and 35GB SIM cards with very attractive rates for data and calls. To learn more about prepaid SIM cards for Holland, check our article Which SIM for the Netherlands and for Amsterdam is the best? Dutch SIM


Which prepaid SIM card do i need when i travek to many European countries?

A great solution for travelers visiting many European countries, such as Italy, France, Germany and Belgium, is a prepaid SIM card Europe. It offers a large data bundle as well as unlimited calls and text messages as well as the convenience of one phone number for the whole of Europe. More information about this SIM solution you will find in the article Which SIM for Europe is the best?


What is an eSIM?

eSIM is a digital version of a SIM card that allows you to activate a data plan from your provider without having to use a physical SIM card. Most of the time eSIMs are easier to install than the physical SIM cards, but in effectiveness and performance there is no difference. Due to their higher price ranges though, we still offer regular prepaid SIM cards as well as eSIMs. More about eSIM you can read in the article eSIM solution for using your mobile phone in Europe.


How much does a local sim card for the Netherlands cost?

We offer a variety of bundles for the Netherlands as well as for Europe, with prices ranging from €24.99 to €49.99 for our Dutch Sim Card and €54.99 for our European SIM and eSIM.


Can I use an American mobile phone charger in the Netherlands?

You can not use your American phone charger in the Netherlands as plugs of American electrical devices are not compatible with electricity sockets in Europe. To be able to charge your cell phone when staying in Holland you need a travel adapter. You can easily purchase one on your arrival in Amsterdam in the Airport Telecom shop, which is easy to find in the Arrival Hall 1 & 2, show location on map. It is also important to check if your phone charger can accept a voltage range up to 240V. You will find this information on the label of your charger.


Does a Dutch sim work in the rest Europe?

Prepaid SIM cards for the Netherlands do also work in other European countries. With a 10GB Dutch SIM in your smart phone, 7GB of data can be used in Europe and the 35GB Dutch Sim allows you to use 20 GB of internet in Europe.


How long are data bundles on a prepaid SIM card for Holland valid?

Data bundles on Dutch SIM cards are valid 30 days after activation or until your data runs out.


How can I top-up a Dutch sim card?

If necessary, you can always top-up a Dutch SIM at petrol stations, bookshops or supermarkets with a top-up voucher. The instruction how to do it is included on the voucher.


How can I check my phone number on a Dutch sim card?

The prepaid Dutch SIM installed in your phone gives you a local Dutch phone number. To check it dial *102#


How long is the Dutch sim card valid?

You must top up a Dutch SIM card within 4 months, otherwise you will lose the number as well as the call credit.


What can I do if the data on a Dutch SIM card does not work?

If data on a Dutch SIM does not work, please do the following:

select the network settings on your cell phone and fill in the APN settings:

  • APN (or Access point name): data.lycamobile.nl
  • Username: lmnl
  • password: plus

Then turn on the mobile data and data roaming.


Can I use the SIM card for Holland as a hotspot in my phone and in MIFI devices?

Yes, you can use a Dutch SIM card as a hot spot. Instructions how to set a hot spot in your phone and in a MIFI device can be found in our article Using a Dutch card as a hot Spot.