Using you mobile phone during METS 2022 in Amsterdam

Using you mobile phone during METS 2022 in the Netherlands. Stay connected!

Arriving in Amsterdam for METS 2022 from the USA, Africa, Asia, South America and other overseas places you can, in most of the cases, use your own cell phone. In the Expo building as well as in hotels and restaurants you will have easy access to WIFI and there will be no additional costs for using data there. Keep in mind however, that you will have to pay extra charges for your normal incoming and outgoing phone calls. Besides, when sightseeing the city, in most of the places there is no access to WIFI. When using your own smart phone with the subscription from your home country you will be confronted with high roaming charges. Because of the roaming charges your data and phone calls can get high. Common tasks such as checking your email, browsing the internet and using apps can get expensive.

Using your phone with a Dutch prepaid sim card in the Netherlands

The easiest way to avoid high charges when using your own mobile phone during your visit to METS 2022 in Holland is to buy a local prepaid sim card. A local sim card grants you access to the network of the local provider and enables you to use your mobile phone at attractive local data rates. With the Dutch sim card installed in your phone you can make phone calls and use any app or feature on your phone that uses data like WhatsApp, email, Face Time or navigation. Incoming calls are free of charge. Keep in mind that with a new card you will also receive a new local phone number. Make sure to share it with the people you want to contact while you’re in the Netherlands.

Buy a sim card for calling and internet during METS Amsterdam

How to get a local prepaid sim card for Holland? It is easy. Arriving at Amsterdam Airport, you can buy it at the Airport Telecom shop, which is conveniently located in the Arrival Hall 1 & 2. You can also order your sim card in advance at the Airport Telecom website and receive your reserved phone number by mail. Have a nice stay in Holland!