Where to buy a prepaid SIM card for Holland

Where to buy a prepaid SIM card for Holland

Dutch SIM easy to get at Amsterdam Airport

As soon as you arrive at Amsterdam Airport you can purchase your prepaid SIM card for the Netherlands in the Airport Telcom Shop, show location on map. Our store in the Arrival Hall 1&2 is easy to find, which proves to be very convenient, as it can save you a lot of time searching for your Dutch SIM at the beginning of your trip. It also gives you the benefit of being able to use your cell phone at low cost for calls and data right after you arrive in Holland.

There are three types of Dutch SIM cards available at Airport Telecon. To find out which one is a good choice for you, please check our article Which SIM for the Netherlands and for Amsterdam is the best? Dutch SIM


How to install a SIM for the Netherlands in a cell phone

Buying a Dutch SIM at the Airport Telecom Shop, you do not have to worry how to install it in your phone. Our English-speaking staff will be happy to do it for you and to answer any question about using it in the Netherlands.


Reserve a Dutch SIM online

It is also possible to reserve a prepaid SIM card for Holland on the site of Airport Telecom and to receive a phone number of a reserved SIM by email. After reserving your Dutch SIM, you can choose to either pick it up upon your arrival in Amsterdam or to have it delivered free of charge to any address in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Get a SIM card for Europe at Amsterdam Airport

Airport Telecom not only offers prepaid SIM cards for travelers visiting Holland, but also for those, who start their trip in the Netherlands and proceed to other European countries.  An excellent solution in this situation is a SIM card for Europe, which comes either in a form of a physical prepaid SIM card or in a form of an eSIM.

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Information about eSIM is provided in the article eSIM solution for using your mobile phone in Europe.