Buy SIM Card Netherlands. Using your phone in the Netherlands

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Sim with € 5.00 call credit, no data € 24,99

Sim with 10GB data    € 35,00

Sim with 35GB data    € 49,99

(Please read the text below for all specifications)

Buy local prepaid SIM card Netherlands

This local prepaid SIM card Netherlands is attractive during your stay in the Netherlands (Holland). Incoming calls are free of charge and you can benefit from low calling charges and good data packages. The pay as you go SIM card fits in any smartphone and our staff will be more than glad to install it for you.

The SIM card can be picked up from our shop in the Arrival Hall of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. When you order the local SIM card Netherlands by clicking the "Order Now" button on this page, you can choose to pick up your card at Amsterdam Airport or to have your sim card delivered to an address of your choice in the Netherlands. If you choose to pick up at Amsterdam Airport, you do not make an online payment. Payment will be done when you are in our shop at Amsterdam Airport. In case of delivery, the online payment can be made on this website.

The 10GB sim includes unlimited calls in the Netherlands. The 35GB version includes free calls to 45 countries. The validity of the packages is 30 days. Below you will find all the benefits and available options of the local SIM card Netherlands:


SIM Card Netherlands


  • Receiving calls with the prepaid SIM card is always free of charge when you are in the Netherlands.
  • Buy and pick up your SIM card at Amsterdam Airport.
  • Tethering is possible with the SIM card Netherlands so it can be used for a hotspot and in a MIFI device.
  • SIM card available in all sizes
    (mini, micro and nano).
  • Our staff will be glad to install the prepaid SIM card in your phone so everything will be working properly.
  • These SIM's are ideal for calls as well as for internet applications such as WhatsApp chats & calls, Skype, Facetime, WeChat, Google Maps etc.


Three versions of the SIM Card Netherlands can be ordered:

  • € 24,99. This sim includes:
    € 5.= call credit, no data (30 days valid)
  • € 35.00. This sim includes:
    10GB data 4G & unlimited local calls in the Netherlands (30 days valid)

  • € 49.99. This sim includes:
    35GB data 4G & unlimited calls to these 45 countries (30 days valid): Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israël, Italy, Latvia. Liechtenstein. Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Marocco (landlines only), Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switerzerland, Sweden, Turkey (landlines only), Thailand, United Kingdom, USA

The different versions of the sim can be chosen by using the "order now" button below.

Pick up & delivery

When ordering the sim card on this site you can choose to pick up the card in our shop at Amsterdam Airport or to have the card delivered to an address in the Netherlands or Belgium.

When you choose to pick up the card at Amsterdam Airport our staff will be glad to install the card in your smartphone.

All settings and upgrades as mentioned on this page can also be chosen or changed when you pick up the card in our shop at Amsterdam Airport.

When your own phone does not work in Europe or your phone is SIM-locked, we do offer several types of phones for sale at our store ranging from € 44,99 to € 279,00. These prices are including the Netherlands prepaid SIM card as mentioned in the above